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The installation of an irrigation system is a well detailed process. After you call for your free estimate and you agree to go with our service. A crew of experienced workers will arrive at your home on a scheduled date to complete your installation. The placement of each sprinkler will me measured out accurately to allow for appropriate water coverage. Our licensed plumber will do the water tap inside of the house and prepare the copper pipe going to the outside. The crew outside will be using a machine to lay the pipe in the ground to a depth near 8 inches. Then they will go through the process of installing all of the fittings and sprinkler heads needed for proper watering. An electric controller will be installed most likely in the garage for easy access to the system. All components will be adjusted for the right application for the homeowner. When the process is complete an extra round of cleanup will be done to ensure customer satisfaction. Our company motto on a new install is to make the lawn look like we were never there. We do this by adding extra soil or grass seed to areas that were damaged.


We offer monthly service programs to anyone of our customers who feel they need it. We also repair any type of system from brand new to 100 years old of any name brand. When you call the office for a repair we will try and get to your home within 5 days or less. We will also work around your schedule as best as we possibly can. When a technician comes to your home, he will assess the situation inform you of the problem and the cost to repair it before any work is done. After you approve the work to be done we will do the repair and then supply you with the broken parts if you so wish to have them. We try to make the experience as easy as possible for the customer.

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Spring start ups should occur sometime around mid April. During a start up a technician will come to your home and turn your water back on from the past winterization. He will then go and program the controller to the homeowners preferences. Then he will go through each zone one by one and make sure all heads are working properly and there are no problems with your system. If there are any problems, we will be happy to repair them for you at that time.


When winter time approaches one needs to prepare its system for the cold winter months. We do this through a process called winterization. During this process your water pipes that supply your system with water will be turned off and drained. Then the pipes in the ground will have air blown through them to insure there is no chance for freezing and breaking when the cold days of winter come about. We guarantee all winterizations from freezing and breaking as long as they are done before the first freeze of the year. This a process that needs to be done each and every year.

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