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Why wait for grass seeds to sprout and take root when you can have a great-looking lawn today?
Residential sod installation makes it possible to boost the curb appeal of your property.

  • Fresh sod. Our technicians use only fresh-cut sod, and as a result, you get grass that will take root quickly and thrive.

  • Measuring. There is no need to guess how much sod you need. We send an expert to your location who will measure the area that you want to see covered with beautiful grass.

  • Site preparation. We ensure that your yard is ready for the sod when it arrives. If you’ve recently built your home and the lawn has not yet been installed, we’ll begin by removing the weed growth that has appeared and collecting any rocks or debris from the soil. We may recommend a layer of topsoil be installed based on the composition of your existing soil or the condition of your grade. Our goal is to create an optimal growth environment for the incoming grass.

  • Leveling. Finally, we level the area of the yard where the grass will go. Our installers then unroll the sod and cut it to fit around walkways and angles. We stagger the rolls of sod to create tight seams and to avoid gaps. Then, we water the area to encourage root growth.

Some homeowners are afraid that the freshly installed sod is too challenging to take care of. Don’t be concerned; we will provide you with instructions to care for your new lawn. It is easy and typically involves a watering schedule and the warning to stay off the grass for about a week or so.

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Experience the  difference in quality hydro seeding service make.

Our difference is in our hydro seeding expertise and overall lawn and landscape seeding knowledge.

Hydro seeding is the most accurate, cost effective lawn seeding solution when done by the expert hydro seeding contractors at Lawn Irrigation and Landscape Experts. Hydro seeding eliminates the high cost and time of mulched seeding with netting and hay. Seeds mulched with hay are time consuming, pricey, and weather dependent as even the lightest storm could blow away the hay and seeds creating uneven, spotty grass patches. Even through the toughest storms, hydro seeding stays in place. The hydro seeding difference is in our expert hydro seeding knowledge and skills to achieve evenly spread seed placement for an equally thick, beautifully green lawn and landscape. With Lawn Irrigation and Landscaping Experts quality hydro seeding service, you get an evenly full-grown lawn. It takes extensive hydro seeding knowledge and skills to properly and evenly hydro seed a lawn or landscape. Lawn Irrigation and Landscaping Experts holds these essential hydro seeding expertise ensuring the difference of full, thick, green grass in every hydro seeded lawn and every hydro seeded landscape.

Hydro seeding is useful in seeding bluffs, steep scopes, ditch lines, berms, swale routes, and wide open areas susceptible to wind erosion. Lawn Irrigation and Landscape Experts can install straw/ fiber blankets to prevent erosion.

Hydro Seeding Advantages

Their are many advantages to installing a lawn by method of hydro seeding versus a traditional seed and straw installation.

  • The seed is buried into the topsoil from the pressure of the pump.

  • The paper /wood fiber mulch is green which identifies even coverage.

  • The germination process begins in the tank.

  • The seeds are crated in the coated in the soluble starter fertilizer.

  • Hydro deed will not blow away on a windy day like straw will.

  • Straw can harbor alfalfa and cover seeds which can be tough to rid a new lawn of.

  • Birds do not pick at seeds covered in the hydro seed slurry

  • The grass seed will not float away in a heavy rain or watering application.

  • No raking is necessary to remove straw once the lawn is established.

  • Poor finish grading and lack of rock cleanup cannot be hidden by the straw.

  • Heavy rain fall and wind cannot remove hydro seed only hours after installation

  • Paper/wood fiber mulch is a recycled product.

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